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Looking For Some Free Help To Figure Out All The Fine Print With Medicare?

Use My FREE Medicare SmartStart Program™ - Limited Spots Available

"Who Else Wants To Know 'If' They Should Sign Up For Medicare At 65 -OR- Wait Until Later In Life...And How To Legally Never Pay A Costly Late Penalty?"  

Confidently Knowing Exactly What To Do With Medicare (And When) Is The Key To Avoiding Future Fines And Fees And Only My Medicare SmartStart Program™ With Show You How!

Only 14 of 40 SmartStart Sessions Are Available For Next Month...
"The Medicare SmartStart Program is AWESOME! Lyndsey and Andrew educated me regarding all aspects of signing up and starting Medicare as well as choosing a Medicare Advantage plan that met my needs and my lifestyle. They took the confusion and worry out of the process. I'm telling everyone I know about them. Several family members have already met with them and called to thank me. Don't hesitate! Schedule your free strategy session with Andrew when it's your turn to sign up for Medicare so you know what makes the most sense to do."

- Bob & Carol Mullins, Lakeview, NY


My FREE Medicare SmartStart Program™ Is Reserved For The Seriously Confused, Overwhelmed And Frustrated WNY-er ONLY!

From: Andrew Hibbard
Clarence, NY
Thank YOU for stopping by to learn more about my free, nationally recognized Medicare SmartStart Program™.

I have to be honest, I'm not going to convince or persuade you to take advantage of everything I have bundled together. 

That would be doing both of us a disservice.  My feeling is, you already know if relying on my special "hold-you-by-the-hand" service is for you or not.

Now, how do I know this? Because you're here. Right now. And others are not.

As an active adult, who is always on the run, you're in need of a smart, proven solution to their problem that will cut through all the clutter, and do the 'right' things with Medicare the 'right' way...by being CLEAR and CONFIDENT...

...without having to spend hours/days/weeks alone, at home, in isolation, relying on your own assumptions and hit-or-miss guesses, attempting to do-it-yourself and wanting to avoid all the stress that comes with trying to tackle Medicare on your own.  

Tell me, does this sound like you?

A recent Centers For Medicare Services (CMS) study stated, "An overall lack of knowledge about the Medicare enrollment process, costs, and benefits are putting are putting millions of people who are turning 65 and eligible to enroll in Medicare a potential risk of lapses with insurance coverage, excess surcharges, penalties and wasted spending, not to mention missed opportunities for critical benefits and services."

If so, you are not alone...and it's not fair or your fault!

Like the majority of others, you feel frustrated being forced to fend for yourself and figure out all the fine print with Medicare without any instructions or guidance and would sure appreciate short-cutting hours of your own trial and error by sitting down with someone, sharing your situation and immediately and instantly getting concise, credible and correct answers and advice about what you could or should do. And what you cannot and should not do.  

You see, the SOLE GOAL of my must-have, can't-miss, make-it-much-easier Medicare SmartStart Program™ is to take away all your fears and frustrations, so you know --- without a doubt --- you won't mess anything up, or make a major mistake, and be completely confident you start Medicare smartly...

...by using the time-tested, sure-fire solution hundreds of satisfied Western New Yorkers have relied on, giving you a safe, smart and strategic way to determine and decide 'IF' and 'WHEN' you need to make your move to Medicare --- which is what you want...and really deserve!

Have you heard the horror stories from friends or family members about how time-consuming and soul-sucking dealing with Medicare is?

It has been documented the Medicare enrollment process can take more than 20+ hours of your valuable free time to fill out and file your application forms, sort through the sea of insurance companies and accurately analyze which plan you should pick, then, you have to coordinate the transition of your health insurance coverage from your Employer, with Federal Medicare, and the Medicare Insurance company you choose.

I have a much better way, I assure you...

My free Medicare SmartStart Program™ was designed and developed to help people just like you.

Imagine what a luxury it would be if instead of spending your valuable free time on something you don't want to be doing...like, dealing with Medicare...you can actually spend your free time on something you want to be doing, like golfing, gardening, going to grandkids games or whatever else floats your boat.

That's be nice, right?

But be aware, because you would be giving me permission to do all the dirty work with Medicare for you, I'm very limited on my availability about how many people I can work with each week.  

Which is why anyone wanting to use my free Medicare SmartStart Program™ HAS TO pre-schedule a specific time with me. It's the best way I can be most prepared for you, and make our time together as meaningful and valuable for you as possible. 

I want to make sure I'm a good fit for you and KNOW that I can give you my full, undivided time and attention, without distractions or interruptions, to help make the whole Medicare process a lot less confusing, frustrating and overwhelming.


Would You Rather Walk Or Be Driven?

Here's what I mean...

How EASY do you want to make it to get signed up and started with Medicare?

Do you want to WALK and take the slow, plodding 'find your own way' route to your destination?


Would you rather BE DRIVEN DIRECTLY and enjoy the FAST, EFFICIENT, and TIME-SAVING chauffeured concierge experience?

Yes, you'll have to invest a small amount of your time and spend about an hour with me, so you can share your situation, but you'll be able to save yourself 19 or more of those 20+ hours others around town have to suffer and struggle through, spinning their wheels and continue to constantly complain about.

Plus you benefit from getting an EXCLUSIVE experience, get personal service and attention, and get things done in WAY LESS TIME having an expert driver driving you the entire way, so you don't have to worry or stress about a thing.

And isn't that the way we'd all like to get where we need to go...quickly and easily and SAVED FROM ALL THE STRUGGLE? That's exactly how I look at signing up and getting started with Medicare smartly...

You could walk and try to figure it all out on your own, spend a ton of time thinking on the one thing you don't actually want to be thinking about at all...Medicare...


You could save yourself time, uncertainty, and maybe even your sanity by taking the FAST TRACK.

Take The Fast Track And Let Me Drive You Directly

When You Work With Me, You Will Get Your EZ PASS For The Express Lane To Get Medicare Done In Record Time

How I Can Help You Sign Up And Start With Medicare

Medicare Questions

Get accurate and reliable answers and advice to all your Medicare questions from the only guy in WNY who literally wrote the book on the subject.

Medicare Education

Explanation of your Medicare benefits and the Medicare basics in a simple and easy to understand way so you know what you're gonna get, what it's gonna cover, and what it's gonna cost.

Medicare Timeline

Go home with a clear and concise, step-by-step plan, unique to your specific situation so you know what you need to do, when to do it, and how it has to be done.

Medicare Part A & Part B

I'll fill out and file your Medicare forms so you'll never question if they were done, done right, or done on time.

Coordinate With Your Employer Coverage

You'll avoid having a gap or lapse in health insurance coverage, paying for double coverage for no reason, or worse, getting stuck buying an expensive COBRA plan.

Picking A Medicare Plan

Get help sorting through the sea of companies and comparing what insurance plan you should pick so you know you how to get a better bang for your buck.

STEP 1: Evaluate Your Situation

To see if my FREE Medicare SmartStart Program™ is right for you...and to make sure it's a good fit...we'll get together and figure out what your unique situation is, where you need help, and what exactly needs to be done and when.

We'll then develop a specific plan of action just for you, which means you'll have a detailed, step-by-step plan so you'll know exactly how to get where you need to go with Medicare.

1. Schedule Your Session

Find a time on my calendar that works for you to come to my Clarence Office.  These have limited availability each week and are typically booked 4-6 weeks in advance, so if you're interested, don't procrastinate.

2. In-Person Meet & Greet

An opportunity for us to get together and "get acquainted" and for you to share your situation and get answers to all your Medicare questions. I DO NOT meet with people I can't help.

3. Write Your Roadmap

During our time together, I will take detailed notes and diagnose specific solutions for you.  Your unique step-by-step plan will be written into a customized "myMedicare Smart Path" planner for you to take home.

4. Get Started

If we decide to work together, I will offer you exclusive use of my entire Medicare SmartStart Program and we can get started immediately. I'll take over the reins and do all the heavy lifting from this point...you'll have the easy part with nothing much to do.

STEP 2: Put The Program To Work

To start, you'll get instant access to my entire Medicare SmartStart Program™ the only "hold-you-by-the-hand from start to finish," sanity-saving service in WNY.  And, since everyone is starting from a different place with making their move to Medicare...from turning 65 and retiring...to turning 65 and continuing to work...to older than 65 and signing up late...you'll get a personalized plan of action designed just for YOU.

Education, Explanation & Execution

We will go through an abridged version of your entitled Medicare benefits and cut through the clutter by focusing on only what matters to you living in WNY and not wasting time on anything about the rest of the country that does not apply at all. 

Continual Check-In Calls

You're not going at this alone.  I'm going to hold your hand, with weekly check-in calls, each step of the way, so you'll have proactive progress points and never wonder or worry where things stand or how to make sense of it all.

Review, Research & Recommend

I will sort through the sea of Insurance Companies on your behalf, so you don't have to, and accurately review, research and recommend where your money can be best spent, and show you how to get more and pay less from industry leaders at rates you can afford.

Compare & Choose Your Coverage

Together, we will figure out all the fine print between the recommended plans to pick and precisely determine which coverage you should choose, and why, which means you'll be getting the very most out of Medicare the very first time you sign up.

Ready To Make Medicare Easy? Schedule Your Session Now! 

Let Me Prove How My Program Can Be Put To Work For You!


Who You Will Work With

As you know, it's no secret Medicare is complicated, chaotic and can leave you feeling quite confused.  It seems tougher and tougher for folks in WNY to accurately find what to do with Medicare when they're being forced to figure it out on their own. And how do you know who to trust and who's just trying to sell you something? 

Andrew & Lyndsey Hibbard

Owners, Medicare Management of WNY
Creators, Medicare SmartStart Program™
Tired and Hard-Working Parents of 3
When it comes to finding a local WNY Medicare authority and expert, my wife, Lyndsey, and I have got you covered! 

Snce 2015, we are the only two-person, tag-team around town, that has tirelessly spent more than 10,000 hours dealing directly with Medicare, which has gotten us featured in Forever Young Magazine and the BEE Group Newspapers, exclusive interviews on WECK Radio's Senior Matter's Program, and even author an #1 Amazon best-selling guidebook on the subject, Starting Medicare Smartly, which reveals how the rules specifically and significantly differ for NY residents versus other states.

And it won't take long for you to see why...

The entire Medicare SmartStart Program™ was designed and developed with YOU in mind...someone soon-to-be 65, wondering and worrying what they have to do with Medicare, and wanting to make the whole process simpler and easier, without really having to do any of the work themselves.
"I was so thrilled to discover 'Mr. Medicare' and the WNY Medicare SmartStart Program. All my anxiety was relied when Andrew explained everything about Medicare. They made the experience simple and easy, and their expertise saved us so much money. I consider them a local treasure more folks turning 65 need to discover"

- Marsha Donahue, Springville, NY
Both Lyndsey and I will be personally working with you, step-by-step, start to finish, so you have a smooth and seamless transition. Guaranteed!


Who We Work With

We only want to work with residents in WNY who appreciate our "hold-you-by-the-hand" approach to get signed up and started with Medicare, and are willing to compare all companies to get a better bang for their buck. 

"I had the best experience with the WNY Medicare SmartStart Program! Andrew answered all of my many questions and made the Medicare process easy and understandable! My calls were answered in the same day and I was confident that I had made the right choice for my needs and situation. Very knowledgable. I highly recommend them."

- Diana Schlichter, Amherst, NY
"Wonderful service. Andrew and his team are very knowledgeable, professional and patient! I was pretty anxious about the whole process and calling Medicare had been less than helpful, but Andrew held my hand and worked to alleviate all my anxiety. I would recommend them very highly to anyone getting started with Medicare. They make the Medicare process very seamless."

- Cynthia Marshall, Williamsville, NY
"Went with my husband to get him set up with Medicare. We were very impressed with the knowledge Andrew has and the manner of setting us at ease. We couldn't have done it without Andrew and Lyndsey."

- Scott & Cheryl Rollo, Akron, NY
You also have to be open to receiving direct and honest feedback.

Above all, you must be COOPERATIVE.

Our philosophy is, "we can't help anyone who doesn't want to be helped."

If you're a "do-it-yourselfer," don't schedule a session.

We get it.  We aren't right for everyone.

And, if you're on the fence, here's the thing...more than 950+ participants have gone through my nationally recognized Medicare SmartStart Program™...

...so we know a thing or two about what it takes to sign up and start Medicare smartly...

And how to sort through the fine print about which plan to pick. Our program works...

My Medicare SmartStart Program works...

And we know it can work for you too...IF you let us put it to work for you!

That means being honest and ethical. So you should know we are independent contractors with compensation set by the Centers of Medicare Services (CMS) --- We are NOT employed by the Insurance Companies.

Said simply...you can trust our genuine help, free from any Insurance Company influence, incentive or conflict of interest...EVER! That stuff just doesn't fly with us.  

Now, if you're willing to give us a chance, take an hour of your day to share your situation with us, and let us take away all the stress of trying to tackle Medicare on your own...

...then you're in the right place.


Here's What You Can Expect When You Put This FREE 3-Step Program To Work...


Many, if not most, folks ask the same first question when they start working with me..."What Insurance Plan Is Best For Me To Pick?"  

You may be thinking the same thing, but that is cart before the horse kind of stuff. It's like focusing on the finish line before we even step onto the field and start the race.

To do things right, the first thing we need to figure out is 'IF' and 'WHEN' it makes sense for you to sign up and start Medicare.  

Maybe at 65? Maybe after 65? We won't know until we get together, get acquainted, you share your situation, and we discuss, decide and determine what might be best.

That's why the important first step in my program is an initial strategy session (which I have yet to find anyone else doing around WNY).

STEP #1 - Initial Medicare SmartStart Strategy Session

A Good Old-Fashioned, Face-To-Face Get Together With WNY Biggest Medicare Advocate, Expert Medicare Advisor, Agency Owner, And Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author: Andrew Hibbard 

  • You'll Enjoy A Pre-Selected, Pre-Scheduled Time, And Escorted To A Private Room, With No Interruptions, And No Distractions...Just Andrew's Full Attention On You And Your Specific Situation
  • ​Average Time Together Takes About An Hour, Before You Know --- Without Question --- What You Can And Should Do With Medicare, And Also What You Can't And Shouldn't Do With Medicare
  • Your Smart Decision To Rely On Local ​​Help Will Allow You To Avoid The Annoyance Of Calling 1-800 Numbers, Just To Wait On Hold Forever...Or Worse, Try Talking To Phone Robots And Get Nowhere
  • ​You'll Leave Feeling Confident And Clear-Headed With Your Exact Medicare "To-Do" List In Hand, Written In A Simple And Easy To Read Way, Which Means You'll Know Exactly What You Need To Do, When To Do It, And How It Has To Be Done So You Can Immediately Sleep More Soundly Since The "Scare" Of Medicare Will Stop Keeping You Up At Night
Included FREE

Personalized "myMEDICARE SmartPath" Fast Action Planner

  • Simple And Straight-Forward, Fill-In-The-Blank Planning Workbook, Revealing Your Exact Step-By-Step Timeline And "To-Do" List So You Know Exactly How To Get Where You Need To Go With Medicare 
  • Takes Away All Your Stress Of Trying To Tackle Medicare On Your Own With ​Crucial Questions To Determine If You Have To Sign Up For Medicare At Age 65...Or If You Should Suspend Medicare At Age 65 And Sign Up Later
  • ​Complete Checklist To Avoid Your Medicare Penalty Period And Any Future Premium Increase Penalty Payment or CMS Surcharge
  • Discloses ​What Government Forms Are Required To Be Filled Out And Filed, So That You Have No Gap, No Lapse And Don't Need To Worry About Paying For Expensive COBRA Coverage
Included FREE

Comprehensive "myMEDICARE SmartPath" Assessment

  • Accurate Answers To Your Current Status, Situation And Scenario To Directly Determine 'IF' You Should Sign Up For Medicare At 65 -OR- 'IF' You Should Suspend At 65 And Sign Up Later In Life
  • Reveals Tax Implications With IRS And CMS If Current Employer Health Insurance Plan Is Considered A High Deductible Plan With H.S.A. Contributions (And The One Simple Thing You Can Do To Get Out Of Paying A Future Federal Income Tax Surcharge When You Make Your Move To Medicare) 
  • ​Analysis Of Taxable Income And Any Related IRMAA Adjustments Requiring You To Pay A Higher Premium For Medicare Than Others (Plus How To File A Reconsideration Referendum Request So You Can Stop Paying A Higher Premium And Start Paying A Reduced Rate)
  • ​For Those Suspending Medicare At 65, You Will Be Shown How You Can Legally Avoid Paying A Costly Late Penalty When You Sign Up Later In Life
Included FREE

Critical "myMEDICARE SmartPath" Audit

  • Financial Analysis Between Current Employer Group Health Plan (EGHP) Coverage & Costs Versus Medicare Price & Out-Of-Pocket Expenses, Which Means You Will Know --- Without Question --- If Moving To Medicare, Despite Continuing To Work, Is More Financially Favorable Or Not
  • Includes Take-Home Spreadsheets With Detailed Facts & Figures, So You Have Clear And Concise Numbers Documented For Your Records Showing Where You Can Get The Most Coverage While Spending The Least, Ultimately Keeping The Maximum Amount Of Money In Your Pocket
  • ​Reveals Essential Projections For Ongoing, Known And Knowable, Routine And Regular Provider Visits And Procedures, Along With Advanced Planning For Unknown And Unknowable Major Medical Events To Predict Financial Risks And How To Better Protect Yourself
Included FREE

Medicare SmartStart Basics 101

  • What Is Original Medicare? How Much Does It Cost? (And What Is Your Potential Out-Of-Pocket Risk And How To Better Protect Your Financial Future) 
  • What Is Part A? Part B? Part C? Part D? (What They Cover And Don't Cover, Plus Revealing The Advertised Positives Of Each Along With The Often Overlooked Un-Advertised Negatives Of Each)
  • ​The Many And Multiple Styles Of Coverage You Can And Should Compare (And Why Many Local Insurance Companies Only Tell You About One Since They Don't Want You Know About Them All)
  • ​The Worst Way To Pick Your Plan - Subconsciously or Consciously - That Will Have You Paying More And Getting Less (And What To Do Differently So You Can Pay Less And Get More)
Included FREE

YES! Those Are Really Helpful Resources, But That's Not All, There's More With Step #2...

If You Need To Sign Up For Medicare, You're Also Gonna Get Help And Support With...

STEP #2 - Medicare SmartStart Sign Up Session

Unique To You"myMEDICARE SmartID" Account Access

  • Secure Server To Facilitate Setting Up Your Single Sign-In Service With Two-Factor Authentication And Verification (Allowing You To Avoid The Common Hurdles And Hassles Attempting At Home If Your Personal Computer Is Not Configured Correctly For The Government Settings)
  • ​Instant And Immediate Medicare e-Application Assistance Online With Submission Support Services (Which Speeds Up And Shortens Your Processing Timeline From Traditional 90-Day Delay To 3 Weeks, Or Sometimes As Quick As Just 3 Days)
  • Incorporates The Highest Level Of Industry Security, Including Special Software To Block Malicious Malware (So You Can Be Confident There Is No Risk Of Stolen Identity Or Credit Report Concerns)
  • ​Requires Use Of Smartphone With A Working Email Address And Text Service To Receive Confidential Code Confirmation
 Also Included FREE

All That Will Get Your Original Medicare Applied For And Activated, But What About Which Insurance Plan To Pick?

Don't Worry! You Can Enjoy Using Our Medicare SmartIQ™ Software System, Too...

Confidential "myMEDICARE SmartChart" 

  • Your Private Profile Saved On Our Secure Server 
  • ​Detailed Document To Disclose All Applicable And Appropriate Past, Current And Future Medical Needs, Including, But Not Limited To:
  • ​Current Providers & Physicians
  • ​Maintenance Medications, Prescriptions & Preferred Pharmacy
  • ​Hospital & Surgical Facility Preferences
  • ​Regular & Routine Screenings
  • ​Past Personal & Family Medical History
  • ​Upcoming Planned Procedures
  • ​Time Spent Out Of New York (Long-Term, Short-Term, Intermittent)
  • ​Additional & Ancillary Wants, Wishes Or Worry's (Like Dental, Vision, Hearing, Gym, etc.) 
  • ​Information Collected Will Be Charted, Catalogued And Categorized Into Our Medicare SmartIQ Software And Await Prompts To Compare And Contrast Insurance Companies Coverages, Costs, And Copays Once Ready To Purchase A Plan (See More Below)
Also Included FREE

Medicare SmartSaver System + Medicare SmartIQ™ Software

  • ​For Impartial Advice On How You Can Get More And Pay Less When You Pick Your Medicare Insurance Plan...Don't Ask An Insurance Company Salesman. Ask A Computer. (You'll Soon See Why Insurance Companies Hate This, But Cost-Conscious Smart Shoppers Love It!)
  • Medicare SmartIQ™ Software - Some Say It Is ​The Most Sophisticated, Specialized Software (Found Nowhere Else In NY) Based On An Advanced Algorithm Which Gives You An Automatic And Accurate Real-Time Read Out Accounting For A 25-point Analysis To Instantly And Immediately Compare Company Costs, Copays and Coverage Options So You Know --- Without A Doubt --- What Industry Leading Plans You Can Pick From, And Get More From Medicare At Prices You Can Afford.
  • Medicare SmartSaver System - Includes Three (3) Money-Saving Spreadsheets Which Definitively Cut Through All The Clutter And Objectively Show Side-By-Side What Your Expected Out-Of-Pocket Costs May Be Based On Your Recency, Frequency, And Claim History With Physicians, Procedures And Prescriptions, PLUS, How To Know Whether A $0 Plan Or A Paid Premium Plan Will Keep More Money In Your Pocket Throughout The Year (The Answers Are Eye-Opening And Will Surprise You!)
Also Included FREE

Want Medicare Done-For-You? Schedule Your Session Now! 

Why Stress And Try To Tackle Medicare On Your Own, When I'm Willing To Do It All For You Without Costing You A Dime?

"As my 65th birthday approaches, I've been inundated with Medicare flyers from ever conceivable insurance provider. None of which are impartial. The government website is pretty much useless. Then I got referred to Andrew. Fantastic! Totally impartial and explained in real terms how Medicare works and how it doesn't work, too. And I can call the whenever I have a question. Customer Service Extraordinaire!"

- Pam Barciniak, Williamsville, NY

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Work With Me And Rely On My Proven Medicare SmartStart Program™...

  • Medicare SmartStart Strategy Session
  • myMEDICARE SmartPath Assessment
  • myMEDICARE ​SmartPath Fast Action Planner
  • myMEDICARE SmartPath Audit
  • Medicare SmartStart Basics 101
  • myMEDICARE SmartID Account Access
  • ​Initial Issue Temporary Medicare Card
  • ​myMEDICARE SmartChart
  • ​Medicare SmartSaver System
  • ​Medicare SmartIQ™ Software
Now, as mentioned above, many participants who recently used my free Medicare SmartStart Program™ report saving themselves more than 20+ hours of struggle...strain...and spinning their wheels after talking with their same-aged peers who suffered through doing everything Medicare requires, alone, all by themselves.

You can now do the same having an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE knowing about my Medicare SmartStart Program and having the opportunity to work with me...

...but the MILLION-DOLLAR QUESTION is this...
...if you earn around $60,000, or about $30/hr --- saving you 20 hours would cost $600.00...

...if you earn around $80,000, or about $40/hr --- saving you 20 hours would cost $800.00...

...if you earn around $100,000, or about $50/hr --- saving you 20 hours would cost $1,000.00...

and for the high-income earners around $200,000, or about $100/hr --- saving you 20 hours would cost $2,000.00...

Now, I believe my Medicare SmartStart Program™ could easily be priced and offered at $100, $200, maybe even $500 for everything we offer found nowhere else in WNY...and would still be considered a never-seen-before, best bargain, steal of a deal...

...but, we don't charge you anything! EVERYTHING IS 100% FREE --- absolutely no cost to you what-so-ever!


There isn't even any legal way you can give me any money.

And that's why it is widely considered the most popular and preferred way to sign up and start Medicare in WNY.

But...(and there's always a but)...

There's only so much time in the day, which means I have limited availability and can typically only schedule about 10-14 "Medicare SmartStart Strategy Sessions" each week, roughly 40 every month...and when they're gone...well, they're gone!


See What Others Around Town Are Saying...

"They Do Everything 
For You"

"This wonderful husband and wife team took all the complex issues of Medicare and made the process so simple. They do everything for you. Something we were not looking forward to turned out to be a pleasurable experience. they were caring, friendly and very professional. All of this and no cost. We're very happy!"

- Judy & Paul Scott, Tonawanda, NY

"Making The Process Of Medicare Easier"

"Andrew and Lyndsey are the best most helpful and efficient people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. So eager to help. Thank You for making the process of Medicare easier to understand for all of us soon-to-be seniors!  You have answers at your fingertips for everything I ask you about! Thank You!"

- Louise Cornell, Clarence, NY

"Invaluable To Me Starting With Medicare"

"The WNY Medicare SmartStart Program has been invaluable to me starting Medicare.  Andrew will navigate all the perilous turns, inform you on what you need to know, and then let you decide. Also, anytime I have been confused or had some kind of inquiry about my coverage, they intercede and get the job done!"

- Nancy Eckerson, Akron, NY

FREE Medicare Help In WNY? Schedule Your Session Now! 

Instantly Alleviate Any Anxiety And Immediately Go From Confused And Concerned To Clear And Confident

My Free Medicare SmartStart Program™ Has Been Used Successfully With As Many Different Situations As You Can Think Of:

BUSY BOOMERS Ready To Retire

Why? Because active adults --- men, women and couples --- always "on the run" need a simple, smart solution to cut through all the clutter. Whether gardening or golfing, going to church or going out to dinner, going on vacation, a concert, or to the movies with your grandkids...if you are actively involved with friends, family and social activities, a time-saving shortcut is a strong motivation to rely on my Medicare SmartStart Program™, letting you enjoy everything done-for-you, without costing you a dime!

SELF-PROCLAIMED Confused & Clueless

Why? Because if you feel forced to figure out all the fine print about what to do with Medicare, you don’t want to wonder or worry about taking the risk of messing things up, or worse, making a costly mistake that can follow you for life. They tell me they want to do everything they can to have a planned out path that will hold them by the hand, step-by-step, from start to finish so they feel confident things will be done, done right, and done on time --- making their move to Medicare smooth, seamless and stress-free.

PROACTIVE PLANNERS Who Take Full Responsibility For Their Future

Why? A lot of my Medicare SmartStart Program™ participants know that taking a proactive role in planning for their future is important, whether it be their health, wealth, or legacy. That means they are aware about, read up on, and have a purposeful plan in place about healthy living, diet and exercise, they research and take vitamins and supplements, try to eat right, do their best to stay out of the doctors office and the hospital --- and have invested along the way for their financial future. The very same thoughts and motivations to stay out of doctor’s offices and see a successful savings strategy are the reasons they rely on my Medicare SmartStart Program™!

THOSE NEARING 65 Who Aren't Ready To Retire And Won't Stop Working


Why? Because while they choose to keep working past 65 (either by choice 'cause they love their job or by circumstance 'cause they need the money), they are smart enough to know they should compare the out-of-pocket costs of buying a Medicare insurance plan VS keeping employee insurance from their employer. Employers are getting away with paying less and less while employees are having to pay more and more, meanwhile the costs with many Medicare insurance plans are drastically dropping. Now, is the time to keep working for income, and use Medicare for insurance...WIN-WIN!

ESPECIALLY Engaged Grandparents

Why? Grandparents who are involved with all the hustle and bustle of going to grandkids games, toting them around town, seeing them home from school, or helping them with homework or Bible study often tell me that’s why the felt the need to use my proven and popular Medicare SmartStart Program™. Once-in-a-lifetime memories and milestones may occur on any afternoon...usually unexpectedly. First goal, first home run, first fall riding a bike --- but many of those moments will be missed if your spending your time dealing with Medicare instead of being there like grandparent's are supposed to be.

THOSE OLDER THAN 65 Who Kept Working And Don't Want A Penalty


Why? Because people who don’t sign up for Medicare at 65 accrue a costly late enrollment penalty every month that goes by, increasing the price you pay for both Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D --- and they want to avoid paying any penalty but don’t know what to do. Anyone in this common situation, IS in the sights of the Governement assessors, and IS at a definite disadvantage. Prepare to pay if not properly prepared.


Why? Everyone wants to get the most out of Medicare and pay the least out-of-pocket, but no one is really willing to do the work or spend the time required to sort through the sea of insurance companies and compare costs --- rather wanting an instant and immediate answer to which plan is best. Included in my Medicare SmartStart Program™ is use of my Medicare SmartIQ™ Software which strategically and systematically provides and accurate analysis so you know, without question, where you can get the very best bang for you buck, the very first time you pick a plan.

As You Can See...

With Over 950+ Western New Yorkers Who Have Participated In The Program, I'd Venture To Say The Success Of The Program Isn't Just Dumb Luck, But Rather Proven Path That You Should Rely On Too...


There Is NO CATCH!

In Case You're Wondering Why I Would Offer You My Complete Medicare SmartStart Program™ For FREE...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...
  • Because, in my opinion, I believe there is a real lack of reliable Medicare resources so this is my way of paying forward what we found works for our personal clients as privately-funded solution to the problem the Federal Government won't solve and the Insurance Companies can't due to conflict of interest...
  • Unlike Insurance Company employee's or fee-based brokers who may be bribed, bonuses or bought-off, I don't make my money by having to persuade you to buy a certain companies coverage (I actually work on a fixed fee-for-service as an independent contractor which means I get paid based purely on how many people I help each month --- without incentive, influence, or conflict of interest)...and with that important difference and distinction, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best stuff 
  • I am hoping my nationally recognized program will far exceed your highest expectations and have such a meaningful impact, that you'll leave saying "I didn't know a place like this existed," and be excited and proud to refer your friends and family in the future.
  • ​​​​Lastly, I think working hard to have my IMPACT be bigger than my income is important. We've discovered a different way of dealing with Medicare and solving the problem that so many people have struggled with for so long. People need to know there's a better, smarter way. And quite honestly, I just think the information I have is just really helpful for most people, in most situations and I'm happy and humbled I can help.

But, Time Is Of The Essence...

Here's why...

I mentioned before I have very limited availability with the number of people I can work with.

It's due to the complexity and coordination with Medicare on your behalf, and the time it takes me to do everything for you behind-the-scenes with filing your forms, coordinating your coverage, and reviewing and researching insurance plans you can pick from, with highly rated recommendations that will do what you want at a price you want to pay.

I only have the availability to schedule about 10-14 "Medicare SmartStart Strategy Sessions" each week, roughly 40 every month...and when they're gone...well, they're gone!

If this page is still here, then my FREE Medicare SmartStart Program™ is still available for you to use. But, I reserve the right to pull it down at any time if my calendar is completely booked, or I can no longer keep up with demand (which might be sooner than later it seems).

Ready To Make Medicare Easy? Schedule Your Session Now! 

Why Stress And Try To Tackle Medicare On Your Own, When I'm Willing To Do It All For You? For FREE!

Only 14 of 40 SmartStart Sessions Are Available For Next Month...

Here Is My "SLEEP MORE SOUNDLY" 100% Frustration-Free Guarantee

As a United States Air Force Veteran, I took great pride in serving my country, and now, as a civilian, I am proud to be serving my hometown WNY community. 

I believe my word is my bond. And not too many people stand firmly behind saying what they will do, and actually doing what they say, and allow themselves to be held accountable for their actions and efforts.

In today's understandably untrusting world, I’m working hard to overcome the skepticism and suspicion you have surrounding anything mentioning Medicare, since you may feel fearful of scams and swindlers (and rightfully so).

I’d like the chance to earn your trust. To prove to you I can, and will, exceed your highest level of expectations. 

In fact, I am so confident in how my free Medicare SmartStart Program™ will help make the challenging chore that Medicare can be...simpler, easier, seemingly stress-free and feel almost effortless, that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and put it’s nationally recognized reputation to the test.

I want to take the "scare" out of Medicare, so it no longer keeps you up at night and you can sleep more soundly. And while I cannot refund you any money because my educational program is 100% free, (and I can't make free any free-ER), I can offer you this...

If after we meet, you do not believe our time together was valuable, or you feel like your time was wasted...just look me in the eye and let me know and I will personally write a check for $100.00 to the charity of your choice before you leave --- no questions asked! 

I guarantee you have a 100% frustration-free experience.

Sound fair?

This Is Truly A Limited Offer

Schedule Your FREE "Medicare SmartStart Strategy Session" With Me Now Before They're All Gone...

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to working with you soon!

Dedicated To Helping You Start Medicare Smartly,

--- Andrew "Mr. Medicare" Hibbard

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end, here's what you need to know...

I am offering you access to my 5-Star Rated and Nationally Recognized Medicare SmartStart Program™ --- FREE --- absolutely no cost to you!

There's no catch, no gimmicks...you will not be dealing directly with any Insurance Company employees trying to sell you something or anything like that.

And after scheduling your "Medicare SmartStart Strategy Session" with me, we get together and we see what needs to be done, we can decide if its right to move forward and work together.

In fact, if after our time together you do not believe it was valuable or you feel like your time was wasted...just let me know and I will personally write a $100.00 check to the charity of your choice before you leave...not questions asked! 

So, if you feel my FREE Medicare SmartStart Program™ is the thing that will help take away all the stress of trying to tackle Medicare on your own, just click the BIG RED BUTTON below to schedule your complimentary, no-cost "Medicare SmartStart Strategy Session" with me and put this proven program to work for you (if there are still any available...)
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